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New (Old) games!

Ah, summer vacation! Hopefully I'll be able to get more blogging done, not to mention some new videos uploaded, I've got so many old games to play and talk about, especially after my latest retro gaming spree! A few weeks ago I went to video game convention that's not too far from my home, called Too Many Games, where there were so many retro and import games that I went a little crazy! Some people would argue that I'd HAVE to be crazy to buy one of these games in particular, but we'll get to that one later! For now, let's get started!


We'll start with some Nintendo goodness. Ultraman for the SNES is a one on one fighter where the player, as Ultraman, faces off against several monsters from the original series. From what I've seen of Arino challenging this game on Game Center CX, this is a very difficult game, but I love Ultraman and couldn't resist! Next we have Super Adventure Island, which it's worth mentioning just went up on the Wii's Virtual Console a week after I bought this! What can I say, I love Adventure Island games! Some people may question why I'd buy Yo Noid, but I have some great memories of this game from when I was a kid. Besides, it's a Capcom game! They just replaced the main character with the Noid when they brought it stateside. Lastely, Castlevania on the N64. I've heard mixed things about this game from many different sources, so I'm interested in giving it a go myself. I love me some Castlevania.


Next we have some Sega Genesis! I've never played either of these games, but I love me some X-Men, so I'm anxious to check this one out! While Jurassic Park is simply called "Rampage Edition", it's a completely different game from Jurassic Park from what I've seen, though you still get to choose to play as either the veloceraptor or Alan Grant. I liked the first game, at least the raptor sections (Grant's is much harder) so looking forward to more Jurassic Park goodness.


The import games! First up we have Sailor Moon for Super Famicom, the Japanese SNES. It's a bassic brawling game, kinda like Double Dragon. No two player is kind of a bummer though. The other Super Famicom game is Lupin the Third! This is a great action game with clever stealth elements, like being able to duck into the crawl spaces between floors of a building to find alternate routes! Absoluetly awesome music and graphics, too! Finally we have a Game Boy Advance game, Densetsu no Stafi, or Legend of Starfy. The fith title, for the DS, is the only one to come stateside. Ironically, I still haven't picked that one up, but I now have 1,2 and 3 for the GBA! And finally...


There it is, E.T. for the Atari 2600, and complete! The top flap of the box has been ripped off, but besides that, it's in great shape, with the manual and even the advertisements still sitting in the box! While many call it one of the worst games of all time, I enjoyed this game as a little gamer and could finish it pretty quickly. I'll have to go back in and give it another go. I traded it for another game to someone when I was a kid, and have always regretted it, so it's great to have it back in my collection some 22 years or so later.

There were lots of other great looking games at the show, but I've gotta say the one I regret not buying the most was a copy of Pitfall 2 for the Atari 2600. I'd never played the sequel, so didn't know what it was like, then I caught a video review by Aqualung which you can view here, and man, this game looks so cool! Man I wish I'd bought it!

So that's it for my Too Many Games retro spree! ...though it's not it for the retro and import game I've gotten lately, but I'll leave them for another time! Who else has some great finds they've gotten lately, huh? 

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