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My figure display case!  

Not too long ago I went to Ikea with the hope of finding a couple pieces of furniture, one for my ever-growing collection of toys and figures, and another for my collection of games. My room has figures all over the place, and I decided I wanted something where I could place all (or at least most) of my figures so I’d free up some shelf space, and I wanted something enclosed so I wouldn’t have to worry about dust so darn much; cleaning hundreds of figures of dust is so tedious! So I was very pleased to have found both the furniture pieces I was looking for. Join me as I go shelf by shelf on my new figure display case! Click on any of the pictures for a larger view.



So here’s the whole thing. Unfortunately it didn’t end up holding everything, so I may end up purchasing another one to put the rest in. Sitting on the very top is my Delorean time machine from Back to the Future, which has awesome lights and sound effects and I plan on putting up a video of is shortly. I love it dearly.


The first shelf is reserved for Ghostbusters figures. It’s hard to quite make out in these photos, but Walter Peck, with his menacing facial expression, is playing around with the containment unit in the back there.


The second shelf is the Square-Enix shelf! Unfortunately Crisis Core Aerith is standing directly in front of Kingdom Hearts Cloud, so you can’t see how cool he is here. Lots of characters from lots of different S-E properties. I really like the tiny trading arts guys in the front.


The next shelf, well I guess it’s kind of random, though you could say it’s an anime shelf, except for the NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures in the back and the two Hammerin’ Hero figures in the front. Urusei Yatura, Gegege no Kitaro, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Yotsuba&, Haruhi Suzumiya, and Genshiken are all represented here.


The video game shelf! Obviously this shelf is overrun with Super Mario figures, one of my favorite being the tiny Bee Mario in the front from Super Mario Galaxy. Another of my favorites is the Zero Suit Samus in the back, an import that Nintendo World sold in its store for a very short time. Not visible here is a tiny fully articulated Servbot that is standing next to Tron Bonne in the back.


The bottom shelf! More…miscellaneous I guess? Lots of room is taken up by all the Zelda characters on horseback. I really like young Link on young Epona, but unfortunately he’s stuck in that straddling pose, so he can’t really come off the horse; even though he’s pretty articulated, his legs are not and are stuck kinda bowlegged. Behind the Dragon Quest VIII hero is Blackrose from .Hack//Sign, I have three other characters from the show but there was no room for them here ‘cause the horses and The Maxx take up so much darn space. Also here but hard to see are three rather small Shadow of the Colossus figures. I may put up detailed shots of them later, ‘cause they’re pretty darn cool.


And lastly here’s a video of the display case, although I didn’t realize it when I was recording but I had the glass door shut, so there’s a bit of a glare. Also, the video gets super grainy when I try to do a close-up. Oh well, you get the idea!

So that’s my cool new display case! Hope you liked it! Some figures that use to be on display with these guys on various shelves, like my older Real Ghostbusters figures and original lines of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures, among others, didn’t fit here and so now are in storage. I hope to get some more shelving soon so I can put more of my figures out.

How about you guys? Do you have any cool figures? Any cool ways of displaying them? Pictures and links in the comments would be cool!

Reader Comments (2)

Nice! I would've put the NECA Turtles up front(I only have Donatello, and he's still MOC). I love the video game shelf as well. I used to have a Link figure from Ocarina of Time, but I haven't seen it in almost 10 years(probably gone forever). And that sucks, because when I see them on Ebay, people command insane prices for them!

I hope you get some more cabinets or shelving, as I would love to see your vintage collection. :)

December 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJason

Thanks! Yeah, I'd like to get a bit more space to put my figures up myself, as they don't do much good just being hidden away in boxes! That sucks that you can't find your Link figure! And yes, the NECA TMNT figures are completely awesome, they aren't really being done justice by being put in the back like that.

December 15, 2010 | Registered CommenterToad64

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