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Catching up on Let's Go Retro!

This will just be a video dump of the recent Let's Go Retro! episodes as of late. To get in the Christmas spirit I played some Home Alone for SNES (3 parts) and NES:

Then that was followed up with some E.T. on the Atari 2600:

And then finally Battletoads on the NES:

The new "let's play"-style of videos are certainly much easier and faster to record, so I've been much better about getting them made!


Let's Go Retro! Popeye for NES

A new Let's Go Retro! And I'd have an even NEWER one, if I didn't lose the audio partway through recording...then realize that I'd never hit record for the video. Oh well, guess we'll have to wait for Battletoads another day! For now, enjoy Popeye for NES, an often overlooked classic by Nintendo!


Happenings at the library

One look at this website and it's obvious I haven't been blogging on here very much lately. But that's not to say I haven't been blogging!  I've been mainting the teen blog for Sellers Library since I started my job, and have been concentrating my blogging there. We cover lots of events going on in the library, from anime club to book clubs to crafts and even video games! It's a busy library, and I love working there! I thought I'd take this time to link to some of the cooler events we've had recently, and ones that are a bit in line with what I usually talk about here:

Minecraft Building Competition!

We held a 3-hour long event where iPad and PC players could build a structure related to a theme given to them. So much creativity was shown from everyone, it was awesome! The event was popular and there's so much potential to do more with Minecraft, so I'll definitely be revisiting this. 


Tabletop Gaming Day!

We did one of these over the Summer, and I have another one planned in December. So many tabletop games were played, from older classics to newer stuff like Catan. I'm really looking forward to doing more of these!

Nintendo Nights!

These are pretty normal staple of our programming, usually we do a Smash Bros Brawl tournament on a big projector, then have other games playing on smaller TVs. It's like a mini classic gaming convention going on now, with N64s, SNESs and NESs hooked up to small TVs playing old multiplayer games!

Pokemon Night

Pokemon Night is great, and I'm hoping that I can get more people to keep cosplaying at these events, 'cause I love it! This particular night was our final tournament using Black/White/Black 2/White 2, as the next event will most likely be in Spring and be strictly an X/Y tournament.


These things have kept me super busy, but I can't complain! And I am still playing lots of video games, even though I'm not actively talking about them here. I made a recent trip to a great local retro gamine shop recently, which I plan on writing about very soon, just as soon as I try all the games out. 


Let's Go Retro! TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan (Game Boy)

Um, I'll blame Summer Reading Club for the long Summer-long absence from my site? At any rate, I recorded these two videos a while back and it looks like I forgot to put them up on this site, so I just wanted to fix that! Watch me play through TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan for the Game Boy!


Let's Go Retro! Rescue Rangers (NES)

Let's Go Retro! continues with Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers for NES, which I divided up into two parts, both are below for your viewing pleasure. I got a little silly on the opening to the second part, forgive me!